My Motivation For A Teacher

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When applying for this major-as a prospective teacher- only a short year ago, many of my family members questioned my decision. They asked why I wanted to become a teacher, and if I knew that teachers do not make a lot of money. When hearing these questions, I just smiled and said, “Yes I know”. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was very young and I knew when applying for college that teaching was my future. Throughout this adventure to college many questions had risen. Questions such as what is my motivation? What do I believe on education? What style fits me best? These questions will be answered in due time, however, questions like these did get me thinking about my future. Each teacher adapts a way of teaching in time, however every teacher’s different methods are what makes them a unique one.
Growing up in a family that gives motivation to do your best and strive for your dreams, is something not many students have. However, my motivation for teaching comes from many places: my family, my heart, and my desire to learn. Being in a school building has been something I have grown up with my entire life. My mom is a teacher’s assistant, my grandma is a school secretary, and my aunt is a second-grade teacher. I would stay late into the evening either helping my mom or my grandma with work. When visiting my aunt, I would ask to help her as well. Just these three women in my life was inspiration alone for me.
However, my heart gave me motivation to take on my passion for teaching. My heart gives me passion because I love kids. I love watching them grow and explore the world with the things around them. With my experience between tutoring, being a camp counselor, and a Sunday school teacher, I loved watching my kids’ face...

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... learn from me because even they have a lot to say. My second goal is to have a student change or inspire me. Kids are sneaky and inspiring in ways we sometimes do not understand, so my goal is to have a student change or inspire me and my views. My third goal would be to find new ways to benefit my students learning. I want to make their learning experience better than the last. But overall my goal is to make a difference, one student at a time.
Teachers are the road map to a person’s future. From a small age, we are taught to dream big and pick a future that we dreamt about. Well, my dream is teaching, and my future is within my students. Answering these questions has helped me realize that teachers have big shoes to fill when it comes to expectations. However, I am ready to fill these shoes, inspire some kids, learn, teach and form the next generation of learners.
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