My Mother's Love: The Value Of Family

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On July 25, 1997, a baby was birthed into this world to two young, anxious parents. No human is born into this world neither loving nor hating someone, in other words to love or hate someone it has to be taught for them to feel that way towards a person. The second commandment states that, “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself,” meaning love should be issued out equally. Love is the strongest emotion people have; as a result feelings get hurt when the opposite person’s love isn’t the same. I learned the value of family from my early childhood, my dad, and home experiences. “Choo, Chooo!” there goes another train chugging along the train tracks every thirty minutes. Most people are who they are today from their childhood or…show more content…
Being in a single parent household teaches to love that parent more, because that person is always there when you have no one else to turn to. Being a single parent can be quite hectic, for instance, having to work, keep up with housework, keep bills paid, and take care of their child or children. My mom is a single parent of five plus an additional child, who is my cousin, of whom my mom has full custody of. My mom’s love has been unconditional throughout my whole life, for the reason that she never failed in her job in caring for her responsibilities. My mom mostly shows tough love, from being raised by her granddad, reason being she’s raising her kids to be independent individuals. I can see in her eyes that she wishes she could give us the world, but she can only give us partial of what she can meet the expense of. Being in a single parent home has trained me to take my relationship seriously. I believe that you should love your spouse as you would love yourself, if you were the person loving you. If and when I start a family, I want to be married and satisfied, for the reason that no child should have to live in a single parent home. Beyond doubt, my participation at home has opened my eyes to adore and appreciate my family more than

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