My Mother Is The Most Influential Person In My Life

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My mom is the most influential person in my life. She is an amazing example of how to work hard and how to love. She is a role model in how to overcome challenges and to keep fighting. She is such an outstanding person but an even better mom. All of this holds true even though she is no longer physically present in my life. February 14th, 2015 will forever be a life changing day as it’s the day I lost my courageous mother. Over the past year I have faced some of the most difficult times in my life, but I have also found some clarity. This clarity has led me to the master’s entry to nursing program at DePaul University. My whole life I have wanted to work in the healthcare field. As a young girl, I would play doctor with my dolls or give check-ups…show more content…
I was able to have hands on experience of administering medications and extensive wound care. While I have much to learn, I feel I have a good base and the right attitude to excel. As a biology major I have taken many courses that would be very applicable to this specific program. These courses have given me a better understanding of how complex the body is and all the different things that can go wrong. More importantly these courses have proven to be good preparation for graduate level courses and have shown the intense focus and motivation needed to succeed in these classes. Along with having this education and knowledge background, I also feel my compatible personality traits will be favorable throughout this program and profession. I am a very organized, driven, and am good at managing my time. Although I had many distractions and was often concerned with what was going on at home, I was still able to find a balance between school, jobs, volunteer work, and leadership positions within extracurricular organizations. Having nurturing instincts and compassion will benefit during patient care. My open-mindedness and willingness to always learn new things will benefit my progress in the ever-changing healthcare

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