My Mother Is The Best Person Essay

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My mom has to be best person in my life. Like I 'm so thankful to God to have blessed me with a mother like her. Even though me and mom argue a lot due to fact we are the same person. She is still the best. The simple fact that she is very intelligent and challenged me to the max to reach my fullest potential in academics. By making me read everyday , never spoiled me not one bit. She taught me and still is today that the hard work you put in now , you will be awarded later on in life. She just get just an incredible person due to the fact she puts family before her own self. She rather feed me and my brother and let herself be hungry as long as we are taken of thats all she cares about. I really love that woman and blessed to have her in my…show more content…
My dad went through the a terrible lifestyle. He never had someone to teach him how to be a dad or even had a positive man role model. And even then when he finally got one , it was already to late by that time. He did how ever push me a lot in sports and honestly has been a great support to all my events when I was little. But I honestly have been disappointed and mad at him for several years for all the stuff he did to hurt my family. But now I 'm trying to forgive and forget, which would be the Christian thing to do. So now me and him on good terms and I just pray that hopefully we can stay like that. And he may not be the best dad ever. But atleast he was there some times and he still taught me to never do what he ever did. So u have to be thankful because most kids don 't even have dad 's so I 'm…show more content…
Those friends include Jordan Benjamin , Kylin Payton , Walter Thomas , Devon motley , Darrius Mitchell , emura pascall , Anthony Andrews, Waverly Douglass, Kiria summers, Keshawn Taylor , and tony Blake. These people I grew up since I was little. Jordan I knew since preschool. And Walter , Devon and Antwan I knew since kindergarten. And everybody else just came later on. But I love all them. They bettered me and shaped me for the best. When I always needed them to talk to or even have fun with when I had a lot on my mind. It 's just crazy we came from the playground to the graduation stage of high school. We all still together and still take close with one another even though we are split apart. I thank the lord everyday for blessing for friends like them. I honestly don 't know what I would do without them. I appreciate them so much and will never let our friendship die no matter what. I appreciate Devon for his attitude to push me athletically. I appreciate Antwan for always having me happy and sad about anything, I appreciate emura for always being there , even when I didn 't even need her she was still always there, I appreciate Waverly because she always told me the truth even when I didn 't want to hear it. I appreciate Walter for being there for me , always having my back and never letting me going down a dark path but a good path so I can be successful just like him. I appreciate tony for being the
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