My Mother Is My Loving Mother

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When people talk about their mothers they always seem to say, “I want to be just like my mom when I grow up.” However, at seven years old my mother told me, “Don’t be like me, but be better than me,” I took that and ran with it. She is a person who has made such a significant influence in my life. She is not only my mother, but also a friend who is always there to advise and guide me to right path. Growing up I had plenty of friends, yet growing up I also lost plenty of them. The only one that hasn’t left my side and I know is always going to be there for me is my loving mother. When my mother was a senior in high school, she found out she was pregnant. Before then, she was always out with her friends at parties, skipping school, and not taking school serious. Therefore, she is so strict on me because she doesn’t want me to make the same mistakes. For example, any day that I go out she has to know where I am going or who I am going to be with, and she makes sure that I am pursuing in school. When she found out she was expecting me, she buckled down and started focusing on her education. She gave birth to me on May 28th, 1997. Even though, she didn’t follow through with her college education, I believe I’ve gotten most of my knowledge from her. As a student in elementary, I lived in a two bedroom bug infested apartments with my parents…show more content…
Every morning for the past four years, my mom has been going to the gym. She inspires me to live a healthy life style. Not only to be in shape but to feel good about myself in my appearance. “Josy stop being lazy and go to the gym with me,” she reminds me every time she sees me being slothful. She spends almost two hours daily at the gym. I am always wishing for the perfect body and she simply tells me, “Don’t just wish for it work for it.” Her quotes will forever motivate me to become a stronger person not only physically but also
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