My Mother And Mother: The Journey Of My Life

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“Mommy!” is what my four-year-old self would scream every afternoon when I got picked up from daycare. Throughout life, you come across a strong, influential person that leaves a powerful impact on our lives—luckily for me, I came across such a person from the beginning of the journey of my life. My mother, Sara is a standout amongst the most moving individuals throughout my life and what makes her so uncommon is that she appears to have no clue how motivating she is. Smart, ambitious, patient, strong, independent, and resilient all reflect her character. My gratitude towards her is indescribable, but the characteristics and traits she has passed down to me my whole life, has molded me into the person I am today.
In those same Daycare days, I drew pictures of my mom and dad. It was them standing in a yard with a house sitting in the distance. It wasn't our home, and my mother resembled anybody but herself; wearing green, with green hair and a green look on her green face, both of my drawn parents stood front of a green house bounded by—well, green grass. Either I had an imagination, or a
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She was on her own during college, and paid for her own tuition for as long as she could. My mom is the hardest working person I know, and I am constantly amazed at what she accomplishes, even when she raised 3 kids. My brother, sister, and I didn’t have my mom there to cater to our every move. I know now that when my mom told me to do house chores before she took me to a friend’s house and I threw a fit, she was just trying to teach me how to be responsible and work for the things I wanted. Thus, learning the importance of determination and resilience from a working mom enabled the young girl I was to grow up and see the value of hard work and as a result I want to mirror my mom’s worth
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