My Moral Values

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Everyone would like to believe that their own actions are right and just compared to the actions of others. However, that isn’t always the case and many are either too stubborn to admit it or refuse to acknowledge it. We all have people, moments, and backgrounds that contribute to the way we view what is right and wrong. I like to believe that I, for the most part, am a very ethical person that takes several circumstances into consideration before taking action. I come from a Hispanic family that would strongly implement both their cultural and religious values upon me. Although my immediate family is not very religious we do occasionally attend a catholic church; therefore, religion does play a role in my moral compass. Although I am a believer…show more content…
For instance, in my culture you are expected to hit your children for matters of discipline or risk being viewed as an unfit and weak parent. Although I do not always agree with most of the beliefs, there are a few that I have chosen to accept, such as respecting the elderly and not talking back to one 's parents. Likewise, because I was born and raised in America I have altered moral views unlike those of my parents. Living here has impacted my life greatly. I was in the public school system during my entire childhood and it has thought me to accept others and their opinions due to the large cultural diversity. I have had many friends of several different cultures that have showed me a lot. This is what has probably made me so open minded. Another contributor to my open-mindedness it probably the internet. I am often spending time online and come in contact with thousands of views. Nowadays there are thousands of people posting their opinions and are often challenged by others, and through ought observation and much thinking you begin to compose your own opinion on the good and bad of specific
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