My Mom: My Best Friend

My Mom/Best Friend. We all remember our childhood best friends right? I know I do. In elementary school my best friends were twin girls named Ashley and Allison if you saw one of us the other two weren 't far behind. In middle school my best friend was a girl named Mikala and we were basically inseparable, we would trade off spending weeks at each others houses, giving each other horrible makeovers, and mostly just laughing about everything.You see now that I’m 18 and with only 2 months left in my senior year I have come to realize that those girls were my friends but my best friend was right at home and I call her mom. October 30th, 1997 was the day that our crazy mother daughter adventure started. She may say the craziness started around the 28th about the time she went into labor, keep in mind I was born on the 30th so that means labor for 2 whole days. YIKES! Sorry mom. After I was born we lived with my grandma and grandpa for just a few years then my mom and I moved into our own apartment it was just her and I. Being a single…show more content…
My mom is my best friend because she is always there for me. She is there when I need to vent whether it’s about friends or my boyfriend and believe me there’s a lot to say about “dumb” boys. A special thing that my mom and I share is that we always used to pinky promise about things. That is just something that has always stuck with us. We are also planning on getting tattoos on our pinkies that say “promise”.Something crazy that best friends usually do is they say the same things at the same time. If you happen to listen to my mom and I most of the time we do say the same things, we laugh about this when it happens because it’s crazy. We also LOVE to watch movies together. Our favorite movie to watch together is called “You 've got mail” I bet we could recite most of the movie. My mom is my best friend for all these reasons and many

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