My Mom Changed My Life Essay

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With many different decisions my mom has chosen to do with her life, has greatly affected my siblings lives and my own. Living with my or not my mom has affected my life from my childhood, high school career, and even the present. Just by the things she has pick to do in her life has greatly affected my sisters and I, from when we were babies to even now as we enter adulthood. I do not remember much of when I lived with my mom because I was too young to remember, but I have been told a lot from my dad and both my dad’s and my mom’s parents. My mom, Tina, was turning seventeen and my dad, Mark, was turning twenty when my parents gave birth to me on June 16th, 1996. One year later they had my little sister, Fayth, on July 25th, 1997. Fayth…show more content…
Tina got a divorce, Jasmin and she both moved in with my grandparents, and my dad took her back to court to try and get some child support. While she lived with my grandparents she would not go to anything of Fayth’s or mine, even though my grandparents went to everything. When my dad took her to court she was made to pay child support but the judge said we had to meet with our mom every other weekend and see her at McDonalds. Fayth and I would go and meet her and the first three times Tina showed up. After the first three times, she never came again. When she did show up we would talk to her and tell her about how we were and what was new. She would tell us about Jasmin and tell us about who she was with. One time she told us she was dating two different guys and Fayth said “Isn’t that bad to date more than one person?” and Tina replied by telling us “It is ok if you date more than one person as long as they do not know”. When I had homecoming in football and wrestling, my ceremony for signing my Letter of Intent to play football at SNU, when I wrestled at the state tournament, and when I wrestled at All-State she did not come even though she lived with my grandparents and they came. She moved out of my grandparents’ house one month before my graduation. The only thing that she went to was my graduation. A week after graduation, I found out that she a banded my little sister for two