My Mind And The Mind

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Consciousness is the subjective experience of an individual on the world and the mind, that is utterly private to oneself. The defining feature of this subject is the experience that comes along with it. Although some people might explain it as just being awake that is not necessarily true. The story of Belle Riskin being conscious while going through surgery has also occurred to me. Whenever they were removing my wisdom teeth I was conscious in the middle of it but not for long it was only a few seconds. I was able to hear them talking and the pulling of my mouth to the side where I believe they were trying to get to my teeth. Psychology has the difficulty of studying the mind and the unconscious, therefore they would hope to understand phenomenology the way things seem to a conscious person or their perspective on how they view things. However this brings up a great mystery, the problem of other minds, which is the difficulty of perceiving the consciousness of others. Problems such as not knowing if another person’s experience is similar to yours or knowing if another person is conscious or not. The other mystery of the consciousness is the mind body problem, the issue of how the mind is related to the brain and body. Today we know that the brain and mind are connected everywhere to each other that the mind is what the brain does. Psychologists have also learned that the brain starts before the thinking or the action occurs. The consciousness has four properties intentionality, unity, selectivity, and transience. Intentionality is the quality of awareness of something or the experience. Researchers have found that conscious attention is limited and it’s only a small part of the consciousness. The second property is unity whic... ... middle of paper ... thoughts called repression a process that removes unacceptable thoughts. Using this Freud was able to look for the evidence in speech errors and lapses of the unconscious using Freudian slips. I have had a share of Freudian slips which would usually come out when I was overwhelmed with emotion either anger or sadness. Although modern psychologists are interested in the topic they believe in the cognitive unconscious all the mental process that involves the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that the individual doesn’t experience. With all this information learned, psychologists still have a lot to study about the unconscious however I do believe they would be able to achieve this sooner because of all the technology we have now. The mind is one of the most interesting parts of psychology which I hope in the future I will have the opportunity to learn more about.

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