My Military Career

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My Military Career
I, Pedro M. Blas, born in Lima, Peru, I came to the United States around the age of twelve years old. Growing I did have some obstacles until I enjoyed in the military. During my years of my military career I went to countries that I never imagine. Everything started on 1999, I was working with my brother in law as a helper truck driver, and everything was fine until the end of my working shift. The owner of the company call me at the office explaining the situation of the company and he since obligate to cut some hours and give layoff to some workers. At that time I knew what was next, in my though I was saying, “wow!!! I’m next”, so during the meeting he’s assistant was walking close to me, with a white envelope, it was my last pay check and with a letter apologizing why, he have to let me go. That day was the worse of my life not much because I got lay off, with my son only one year old and my wife pregnant with my second child, in top of 3 months prior my wife and I, we got involve with the purchase of a house, the good thing is that house value was low, at the next day the only thing I did is to start looking for a job, I was getting frustrated and mad, because I could find nothing, then I saw the sing of USNAVY recruiter, I did not thought twice. I went inside the building and I took the test, soon I’m done, I was on my way to walk out the building thinking; “what I just done?”
Suddenly the recruiter call me on told here are your results, you pass the test, at the same time he asked me; “when I’m planning to do my physical test”, at that time I wasn’t thinking at all, I told him; let do know.... after I done with all paper work and physical, he ask one final question: “how soon I want to live”, I told h...

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... for my service, after summit my package to been release from the military, I receive a set of others to deploy to again, on December 2011, I receive orders to Afghanistan. For another year, on May 2013, I returned to the United States, with my love ones, all this time I spent in the service I did have my up and downs, regardless was a good news or bad news, always with my head up and always thank you to God, also after I spent fourteen years in the military, I realize how the time flew by, I didn’t feel it, now I could said I’m home, is time for me to catch the time I lost, and I feel that I spent half of my life in the service, is time for me to spent time in my community as a law enforcement, this is one of my main goals. And finally I thank to God for giving me a good wife, she was my main support and my kids for all this years.

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In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how pedro m. blas, born in lima, peru, came to the united states around the age of twelve.
  • Narrates how they were on their way to "great lakes, illinois, for basic training.
  • Narrates how they had a tough boot camp, dealing with people of different backroom, but everyone became one unit. after graduation, they were thankful to god for giving them two beautiful children.
  • Narrates how their first cruise was the hardest one, but they knew they were coming home to their family.
  • Narrates how they spent fourteen years in the military, and how god gave them a good wife.
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