My Midnight Ride as Paul Revere

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Hello. I’m guessing you are here to listen to my story, my famous ‘Midnight Ride’? Settle down and get comfortable, because it is a long story. Might as well start from the very beginning. I was born on January first, seventeen thirty-five in Boston, Massachusetts, before America became an independent country. That means we were still controlled by the British. My father’s name was Appollos De Revoire, a French Huguenot (a member of the Protestant faith). My mother’s name was Deborah Hitchbourn-Revere. Although, you don’t really care about that stuff do you? You think the most interesting thing about me is my ‘Midnight Ride’, as they called it. Yes, yes, I can tell by the way your eyes lit up that I am correct and that that is the pretty much the only reason you came here today. My ride was on the eighteenth of April, seventeen seventy-five. I was sent to Lexington, Massachusetts by Dr. Joseph Warren to warn patriots Samuel Adams (1722-1803) and John Hancock (1737-1793) that the British soldiers were coming to arrest them. He had also sent William Dawes to warn them, but he was using a separate route. At around eleven o’clock, I walked into town and met Colonel Conat, and Richard Devens, both members of the Committee of Safety. I borrowed a horse from Deacon John Larkin and set out underneath the very bright full moon. I wasn’t a very long distance past the Cambridge and Medford roads intersection, when I spotted two British officers standing in the shadow of a huge tree. I made to go back to Medford road, but one tried to intercept me by going across a nearby field and he got stuck in a pond. The other one gave up when he saw that my horse was much faster than his. I took a longer rou... ... middle of paper ... broke and we were nearing the Lexington Meeting-House gunshots could be heard. The British officers became scared and alarmed, so they took my horse, then rode back toward the Meeting-House. Horseless, I walked through a cemetery and more than one pasture until I reached Reverend Clarke’s house. The battle had begun. Works Cited

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