My Mid-night Experience - Original Writing

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My Mid-night Experience - Original Writing

As I was walking down the street, I felt the cold night air filling my

lungs and the sound of my feet echoing with each step that I took.

There were no cars going by, as it was midnight there was no sound at

all, not even the drunken man that lives just down the street.

I was walking under a bridge when suddenly I saw two guys walking over

to me. At first I was very worried, like when you know something is

going to happen, a bad feeling, but then I thought to myself, why

would something happen now? I mean; they were only two guys.

Nevertheless, I walked on and pretended not to have seen them, but it

seemed they knew what I was doing and walked over to me saying "Do yo

av ne fags" and quickly enough I said "no" to try and get rid of them

and turned around and continues walking.

A few minutes later though they were there again, walking right beside

me, so I stopped and asked "What do you want" they did not answer me,

therefore, I asked again but this time with a little more emotion,

still no answer. I gave up.

I stopped walking and pretended to tie my shoes laces to see if they

would give up and just walk past me, but unfortunately they did not.

They stopped as well. Now I was getting really worried, I still had 15

minutes left to walk, and they were still following me. Suddenly one

of them spoke; I turned to him quickly to see what he had to say.

"Gimme all yu mone, I said I wan all yu monay" I did not know what to

do, so I just denied him and started walking away rapidly, they seemed

to be getting really irritated, but so was I so I did not care.

Suddenly all the anger I had held in came out. I started shouting at

them with all my energy, I was furious. I could not help but notice

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