My Memories Of Christmas

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My most vivid childhood memory was undoubtedly Christmas. Christmas was always a big event in my family. The holidays were always spent making crafts, decorating, and spending time with family members, and it was something I really enjoyed. As a child, my favorite part about Christmas was the presents, food, and family around. Every year on Thanks-Giving my mother, brother, and I would make a colorful Christmas chain to count down the days until Christmas. Each day my brother would announce the number of days left, pick me up, and let me rip off a decorated chain until Christmas day came. As a tradition, on Christmas Eve every year we would spend time with my father 's side of the family. My favorite part about visiting my family…show more content…
I would barely sleep throughout the night because at every little noise I would want to get up and catch Santa in the act; Although, my parents were very good at hiding his identity and it took me many years to finally catch "Santa". At around six in the morning, when the sun would finally start peaking over Sunrise mountain, my older brother would run and jump on me in excitement, it was something I looked forward to. My brother made the holidays the best experiences. He would tell me a story on how Santa was just there and how I missed him, then we would proceed to look through our stockings and try to guess what the presents were. It was always a magical experience to walk into our beautiful front room, all decorated with twinkly lights and gifts that were not there the night before, and see what was left for us. The hardest part was trying to wait for my parents to wake up, I would sneak in the room and make little sounds to slightly wake them, without them knowing it was me or on purpose. It took me many years to finally figure out that my parents were Santa, and that they had stayed up all night wrapping and setting up Christmas so , consequently, they were exhausted the day after. Nevertheless, Christmas still went on and it would not be long before my parents woke , and Christmas could
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