My Mathematical Journey: A Flatland Comparison

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Flatland is a land of two-dimensions with many inhabitants of different shapes and sizes. There are numerous rules and laws to living in Flatland, but this is not the only land with them. There is also Spaceland, which is a land of three-dimensions, but the citizens of Flatland do not believe in three-dimensions. Unknown places like Spaceland frighten the people of Flatland because Flatland has three unique intertwined characteristics. The three major themes that are in Flatland are (1) fearful of the unknown to the (2) conflict between emotion and logic to the (3) quest for power and knowledge. The three features of Flatland correspond with how I feel about my mathematical career and my journey because geometry along with other levels of math presents these types of themes. As I stated previously, being fearful of the unknown is one of the themes in Flatland, it is also a characteristic the inhabitants of Flatland possess, that is also seen in my own personal mathematical journey. However, it is evident that the creatures of Flatland handle their fear differently than me because they are so afraid of the unknown to where they do anything to keep it away from their everyday life. For example the text states, “Death or imprisonment awaits the Apostle of the Gospel of Three Dimensions” (Abbott 45). This quote mentions three dimensions, which is impossible in Flatland because that is a land of two dimensions, therefore they are so afraid of what they do not know that they kill or captivate anyone who speaks of it. Though, not everyone is lie this because in the novel A.Square states, “I crave, I thirst, for more knowledge” (Abbott 48). I deal with the unidentified mathematical wonders like A.Square because I fight for my underst... ... middle of paper ... ...tion, and (3) seeking power and knowledge. Though, the Flatlanders and I do not take advantage of these themes with the same approach. The Flatlanders tend to go to more drastic measures than I but then again these themes are retaining to a whole society. Whereas, when they are accommodating to my life they only consider my math career, which is not as much work. After reading Flatland and writing this dissertation I have made many connections between Flatland and the real world. The actual world and Flatland are very similar having, discrimination, imperfections, laws, art, and etc. Furthermore, to fear the unknown in the conflict between emotion and logic during the quest for power and knowledge is very common in my career as well as Flatland. Works Cited Abbott, Edwin Abbott. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. New York: Barnes & Noble, 1963. Print.

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