My Love Of Plants By Sherwood Cerise

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My love of plants began with one little ragged looking 3g azalea, named Sherwood Cerise. It had outgrown its container and was taller than customers wanted, untrimmed and a little sparse for that reason. It resembled some of the beautiful bonsaied Japanese maples, twisted and contorted and lovely. I planted it for strange reasons (after a childhood of gardening, I’d sworn off plants forever), one being that I couldn’t resist its structural beauty. That was the proverbial snowball that got my love of woodies going, and soon that snowball was out of control I took home a few more “throwaways” from the little nursery where I worked and where I found “Sherry” as I called my treasure. Before I knew it, bought some little 1g guys to join the crowd. SoonI was employed by a larger nursery, one just beginning to grow and make its name, I found my niche in ornamental plants and a 21 year old career and love of plants was born. By now I am easily classified as a “plant nut” if only by my large collection of azaleas and dogwoods. My collection of other shade loving plants throw me hopelessly into the “weirdo” category. I want others to share my weirdness, but we have a slight problem on our hands. I’m willing to bet you won’t find Sherwood Cerise or any other Sherwood hybrids at whatever garden center you frequent, nor any Orange Cup, another must have, nor most of the many azaleas I’ve fallen in love with over the years. Robin Hill Roddy is one of the most wonderful of all azaleas but I doubt you would be able to find anyone who grows it, much less a local nursery that sells it. As azaleas that could bloom almost all year, with just a few little breaks in between, came onto the market, our friendly little azaleas, like Roddy, ... ... middle of paper ... to Summer, or do you have what “everyone” else now seems to have, the “super’ plants? No matter your answer, I hope you will go to a garden center, not a chain store, and talk to them. If they can’t “talk plants”, go to a nursery that can. And tell them you want an azalea, maybe more than one that will complement your yard, and one that “fits” you. Then buy about three of them, place them as understory plants and let them do their thing. There will never be a spring when you are disappointed. I have lots to say about plants, and I will be back with more on this corporate plant world that has invaded our area and to share my love of plants. In the meantime, look at your yard, or garden, or whatever it is you call the land where your residence sits. Is it you? Or is it the local landscaper? If you make it more about you, it will definitely grow on you. .

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