My Love For Teaching

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Dying flashlight held in hand, my twelve-year-old rebellious self crouched on my bedroom floor amidst a sea of what would looked like junk. However, this junk was glorious wealth in my eyes. Surrounded by odd bits of wire and metal, plastic containers, and other parts I had gathered over the past few weeks, I worked well past my bedtime on my latest project, a remote-controlled car. Most of my supplies were acquired either by disassembling and scavenging something broken, digging through our recycle bin, or literally digging it up from our backyard, in one case. The thrill I got from my various projects and contraptions when I was twelve years old is one thing that hasn’t changed. I still have that childlike wonder when learning how something works, solving a problem, or building a new project. But there is something I love even…show more content…
I become so enlivened by my discoveries that I can’t help but share with others. Some of my earliest memories are of me playing “school” with my frustrated preschool sister, as I tried to teach her the fascinating things I was learning in third grade. I remember teaching her to read and to do math; I made her what I thought were “handy” notecards with phonics rules for reading and gave her homework and tests. It often took a lot of convincing and bribes to get her to play; I guess third grade math was neither as easy nor as interesting to her as I believed. As I got older, I followed my passion for teaching in other ways. I often help lead camps and retreats for fifth and sixth graders, where I love getting to challenge them to think deeply about what they are learning, help them to grasp big concepts, and encourage them to grow as individuals. I have also occasionally led among peers at my church. While I really enjoy the practical aspect of teaching, helping someone to understand an idea, I also find immense joy in inspiring people to love learning and pursue what drives
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