My Long Road To The Olympics: An Analysis

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When one is given an argument to analyze, one must think very clearly about the facts and consider the claim that is taken by the author in the argument. Today, there is a variety of different ways an argument can take place. Arguments mostly take the form of; magazines, social media, and can be located in other media. In most cases, it is easier for one to be presented with an engraved version of an argument rather so one can reexamine the facts and claims to truly reveal a better sense of analyzation. During the analyzation process, one must think clearly upon what the author is actually revealing, in doing this the reader will determine if the author is being biased or not representing the claim correctly. An author must also examine the…show more content…
John Orozco’s article says “No athlete should lose the chance to represent our country because he or she doesn’t have the means” (John Orozco). John Orozco’s article suggests that scholarship programs are hard to get into, especially for the number of individuals seeking to journey to the Olympics. Scholarship programs can be extremely helpful when one does not have the financials to support themselves on their own Olympic expedition. Orozco states that scholarship programs are important when turning dreams of Olympian believers into…show more content…
One example of his persuasive pathos article was that he briefly touched on his journey and the difficulties he as well as his family faced. Such as Orozco’s statement “Once we realized I had a chance of becoming an Olympian, my parents and siblings took on multiple jobs to help me afford training at a gym that we had to drive 30 miles to and from every day.” John Orozco encouraged his readers to really dig deep into their emotional side. He made many readers emotionally cringe at the fact that his family could not afford hotels. His parents would sleep in the front seat and John Orozco would sleep in the back seat on a mattress when traveling to

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