My Light

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We all have events that happen in our life that change the course we’re on or hope to be on. One little careless trip can change your world in an instant. At eight years old I found out how true this can be. My happy little world was turned upside down. Even though things seemed doomed, eventually I found the light at the end of the tunnel. The day, my life changed was a bright warm sunny day. I was chasing my friends around. I happened to be “it” in the game of tag. I remember running across the pavement, jumping the curb and landing in the grass. I continued my hunt across the grass towards the sidewalk. One of my friends ran across my path. I took pursuit after her. Right before my feet hit the cement, my right foot landed in a sink hole by the sidewalk causing me to crash to my left knee on the hard cement. Pain shot through my left leg and I started seeing stars in my vision. I had never felt so much pain in my life. I tried to stand but my left leg couldn’t hold my weight. I cried out waiting for help from an adult nearby. Later on, I was given Tylenol and an ice pack for the pain in my left knee. After a week the only visible sign I had fallen was a bruise on my knee. The pain, however, never went away. Weeks passed and simple everyday things started to get harder and harder. Where once I was able to bend my left leg up so I could tie my shoe, became a struggle. I found I could bend my knee but not my hip. Every time I tried, my knee pounded with pain. When Tylenol no longer worked and it seemed I wasn’t getting any better, I was whisked away to the doctor. X-Rays were performed on my knee, proving nothing seemed to be amiss. My diagnosis: growing pains. The doctor laughed it off saying my family was worried over nothin... ... middle of paper ... was said and done, I’d still be able to walk. That hit me. She was right. Even though what seemed like the worst thing that could happen had happened to me, it could always be worse. From that day on I was thankful what I had to endure was not as bad as others. Kids came in with spinal problems, leg problems, hip problems, deformities, bolts in their head attached to metal gear, where all suffering their own pain. Where I thought I was alone I was not. Others were going through what I was or even worse. My pity party I had for myself everyday vanished. I knew I would get out of this place and never return. Until then I spent my time visiting with other children, filling them with hope and courage like my roommates mother had done for me. I now felt that no matter what was thrown my way, there was always light at the end of the tunnel. I just had to be patient.
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