My Lifelong Goals Of A Lifelong Goal

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The creation of my lifelong goal began the same day my grandfather realized he was dying. There was no specific career that I had in mind since I was 5 years old when I learned the news that my grandfather had blood cancer. It started out as a cautious medical exam. My grandfather had been feeling ill for the past several weeks so he agreed to see a doctor in an attempt to soothe my grandmother’s worries. What had started as a simple check-up, turned into much more when my grandfather was diagnosed with Leukemia. It changed the entire course of my life, however, at the time, I had no idea. After an arduous few months, my grandfather lost the battle to cancer, an illness that simply could not be defeated. Immediately, I realized that I never wanted to feel this helpless again and decided to become someone that could help others facing any medical problems. Although it was this incident that convinced me to pursue medicine, I had to think critically about how to turn this dream into something tangible. I involved myself in all things that would help me achieve my goal. From keeping my grades up to participating in medical internships, I made decisions that helped me grow as a person and even narrow down the type of physician that I wanted to become. However, getting good grades was simply a byproduct of really trying to accumulate the knowledge and information that I was presented in school. While others simply study to get and maintain a high GPA, I believe that learning should be its own reward, and a strong understanding of many topics, especially science related, is very important to me. It was the culmination of choices that I made in high school such as late night study sessions and devoting my free time to preparing for sta... ... middle of paper ... so much without having a lot. His determination is what fuels my desire to do well in school so that I may prove that his investment in the betterment of my future was well worth the struggle that he faced. Even now, while I write this essay in the comfort of my bedroom, I know that he is at work so that my lamp can stay on during those long nights of doing homework, and that the air conditioning can continue to function, allowing me to study peacefully. He makes these sacrifices so that I do not have to, and I know that when I graduate from college and show him my degree, he will smile, congratulate me, and give me a hug, and that will make his sacrifices worth it. We have never had the stress-free life, having to work for anything and everything that we have ever wanted, however, a difficult life makes a strong person, and an easy life does not make a good essay.
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