My Life in France by Julia Child

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Julia Child created the most influential cookbook in the history of America. In her book, My Life in France, one message she sends about the nature of goodness is that hard work, persistence, and integrity pays off. Julia displays this before, during, and after the process of creating her cookbook. Before, in her cooking classes, Julia did not back down from any challenge, even when no one believed in her. During, Julia worked harder than she had ever worked. And after, Julia and her co- authors Simone and Louisette, never gave up, even when their cookbook was rejected by their publisher. She was the definition of an underdog, but she prevailed, and came out on top. Without her persistence, she never would have had one of the best selling cookbooks of all time.
During Julia’s classes at Le Cordon Bleu, she was faced with many challenges where persistence was key. She had no idea how to cook, and she was thrown into a year long class filled with former army soldiers who thought she was not good enough. Upon entering the classroom, “the GI’s made [her] feel as if [she] invaded their boys’ club” (Child, 63). Feeling left out is a feeling that nobody likes, and unlike most of the other people in her class, she did not have any career plans regarding cooking following her graduation. So, it would have been very easy for her to leave that class and never have to feel that way again. Even the owner of the school, Madame Brassart was against her. Julia believed that she “had placed [her] there as a form of hazing” (Child, 63). She clearly did not like Julia, which was just another reason for her to quit. But, she was persistent, and she became the best chef in her class. From the beginning, Julia had many factors against her, but she did...

... middle of paper ... on this kind of book” (Child, 230). This chance could have costed her a published cookbook, but she took it because she would rather have no published cookbook than one that she was not fully behind. And staying true to herself proved to be a wise choice because her cookbook was eventually published, and she went on to have her own cooking show.
In conclusion, Julia Child’s experiences display all that can be done when people do not give up. Although she was often excluded in her cooking classes, she did not quit. Creating a French cookbook for Americans was not an easy task either, but she did not back down. Trying to publish her cookbook and having to deny requests from their original publisher was definitely painful. But, her thick skin, endurance, and principle all payed off when the first edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking finally hit the shelves.
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