My Life Philosophy Essay: My Philosophy Of Love

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Life Philosophy My life philosophy is to think before making choices and to be informed about all possible sides of the decisions I make. I want to be well informed about the many different options in my choices. I like to think that I base my life philosophy on love, reason and logic. By loving others, I am being kind, even if the recipients of my kindness have not earned it. This is basically the definition of love. Giving what is needed most, unconditionally. I think that this philosophy is a good one because it is based on love and that is a God given trait. God is love, this is why I like to base all of my choices on love. By doing this, I think that I am inviting God to help my choices to prosper. My life philosophy is shaped by the question, “How will this make the people who are involved feel?” I ask myself how the decision I make will effect others. Will the effects be negative or positive? Will the effects be temporary or will they be…show more content…
My philosophy will help to make me a better person. I will value other people 's opinions and I will listen to them. By thinking about how my choices will effect other people, I will be less likely to offend people. People will think of me as someone who has things figured out so they will be more likely to ask me for advice. I would like my life philosophy to not only help me to be a better person, but to help those around me too. I want to have a positive impact on the world by influencing others to be more like Jesus. By doing this, I will feel better about my decisions. When I think before acting, I am more confident in my decisions and I become more informed about those choices. When I think about the effects that my choices have on people, I am being more loving, which will add to the confidence I will gain when making good decisions. The confidence I gain will carry over to other areas of my life and make me more confident in
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