My Life Of My Grandmother

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It all started when I heard that she was sick. At the young age of 10, I just couldn’t believe that one could forget their memories, -just vanished away by a sickness that eats them all- until I saw it with my own eyes. My grandmother was a strong math teacher who had raised 6 children in her humble way and seeing her in that position just broke my heart. Nevertheless, what tore me to pieces the most was seeing how the Ministry of Treasure refused to give her pension, just because she couldn’t linger for herself and get her new Identity Document. My mother fought a lot to prove that she was alive so that she could get her pension: going before juries and tribunals, until we finally won. Ten years later, my grandmother is still in the same bed, with the same sickness; however, the one who changed was me. I’m not that same naïve person who thought that everyone received the same opportunities to access basic services like health, as the case of my grandmother, or education and social security. I now realized that what’s needed in society are brave people who are willing to fight with all that they have to decrease that gap of society’s inequality. I believe that I meet the requirements to be one of them, and that macroeconomics and economic development are the fields that will help me win this battle against the injustices that less fortunate, -like my grandmother- faced for years. Since I was born and raised in the “Isla Bonita” , it’s been common for me to see beauty in everywhere I look; beautiful food, people and places; everyone´s dream of a perfect place. Yet, not everything that shines is gold. It is well known that there’re wrongs that harm society on a daily basis like a failing health system, public services, corruption,... ... middle of paper ... ...e English, French, Portuguese and Mandarin to achieve my goals of unifying, helping and being a representative voice for a better and greater nation. Since the first day that I embarked on this journey to become an economist, I haven’t been able to imagine myself as anything else, because with these knowledges I’ll have the key to help my country the most. I know I’m worthy of this scholarship because determination and passion its what’s drives me in life towards everything I do, for it is my plan to keep refining my knowledge and being able to provide my community with the possibilities for change. As my grandmother used to say: “Make people believe in you, and you will be remembered for generations. Make people believe in themselves and you will live forever”. We are here to leave a legacy, because the goal isn’t to live forever, is to create something that will.
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