My Life Of A New Year

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Often in life people dwell on the fact that while they were growing up they missed out on opportunities and other activities they wished they could have been a part of. Not everyone can say that they have done all that they wanted to do in their life. Some wish they would have taken risks, followed different paths and many other scenarios. Whatever it might be, people continue to bring up what they wished they would have done throughout their life. At the start of a New Year people make New Year’s resolutions, but not many people actually stick to what they say they are going to do. Some make bucket lists of things that they would like to do but not very often are people able to cross them off and say they have done that. In life many people live with regret of missing out on opportunities that they wished they have been a part of. Throughout my life I wish I would have been involved more with people my age and made more friends. I’ve always been an outsider throughout the years in school and it’s always been hard to make friends. I wanted to be a part of so many things, but there’s not many things that I can say I actually did with people my age. When I first started high school I said to myself that I was going to make these four years meaningful, well I did. I participated in many volunteer activities, played softball and studied. Studying took away time from me going out, and participating in other activities especially senior year. I didn’t attend my prom or my senior trip, I just had no interest in it, so I don’t regret missing it, but I regret not making a lot of friends. I feel that if I would have socialized more I would have been a part of more activities not only because I would be doing it with my friends, but becaus... ... middle of paper ... ...want. Education is my priority and on my free time I work, but I can spend time with my friends in between classes or when I am off. There are so many opportunities and things to take advantage of there should be no reason why I should miss out on them. The lyrics from “I Lived” has played a part in my life because it helped me to open my eyes that if I don’t take part in activities I will regret them later on. This new phase in my life has been inspired by the lyrics to take advantage of what comes my way. Making memories in college and for the rest of my life will make up for what I have missed out on and it will allow me later on to still have something to look back on and to reminisce about. If I do what I plan I say I am going to do, the rest of my life will be meaningful and full of memories. Later on I will be able to say “I lived” just like the lyrics say.

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