My Life Is Green

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My Life is Green It’s not what people want to hear. The subject is illegal, and expressing interest in it makes you look crazy in some people’s eyes. In high school you can’t write a paper about smoking pot or doing drugs without the possibility that the teacher will turn you in or send you to a counselor. Talk about it to the wrong people and you can set yourself up for some trouble. There’s plenty of people that do smoke or have smoked in the past, probably more than most people realize. Society has the wrong opinion on most drug users; the fact is that people can go to jail longer for marijuana possession than child predators do. The drug culture hasn’t been represented the right way; few people have put into words the way our culture should be seen, and I don’t think I can do any better, but I can at least try. Growing up in North Carolina was really nice, the area I lived in is a good community and very diverse. Greensboro has a lot to offer in different lifestyles, and most are pretty accepting. Around 7th grade, I grew tired of the everyday sports crowd that listened to rap music and played basketball constantly, so instead I turned to skateboarding and the more rebellious side of life. We listened to punk and ska music, and we thought it was fun to watch and do illegal things. I can honestly say that everyone I hung out with in the skateboarding crowd ended up smoking pot (before the majority of the other people joined in later in high school), and I’m of the opinion that there is a direct correlation between the skateheads and the potheads. There was just something about the prep crowd that I didn’t like, and was able to relate myself more with the counterculture. I always had a subconscious feeling that I was going to grow up to be a pothead. Even in the summer before 8th grade when I was first offered and said no, I knew that I was going to try it, just not at that time. It wasn’t my time then, but I figured that I was eventually going to try it. The main reason was boredom. A few people had started smoking, and my best friend and I decided that if they were ok, then it wouldn’t hurt us.
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