My Life And My Future Career

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“Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is attainable” (Thorndike, 2015). When someone takes a class about psychology they can learn things they can use in everyday life. This psychology course I took taught me many things I can use toward my life and my future career. I plan to continue my education after high school, and go to college for a business degree. Some people may not associate psychology with business, but ever since I have learned about psychology I realized some things do relate between business and psychology. Since psychology is the study of the human mind, people who work in business can run into people, situations, or problems that relate to the human mind. Three things that I have learned in this course, that I consider most important in terms of practical application to my life and future career, are observational learning, retaining and accessing memory, and motivation. A lot of people become influenced by watching others. Observational learning is “learning by watching other people, or being influenced by them in other ways” (Jenkins, 2014).Observational learning is important in terms of practical application to my life, because the things I do can influence someone else and things other people do may influence me. When I am around people, especially someone younger, my actions my reflect how they react to things. For example, if I spilled a cup of coffee then started yelling and getting angry, it could cause the person watching my actions to react in similar ways. They might begin to get angry when they tip things over or spill their drinks. A psychologist named Albert Bandura created a study that reflected observational learning. In this study, Bandura had children watch the way an adult w... ... middle of paper ... ...tually go to work to get things done. Without the motivation I would have never gone out to get a job because I wouldn 't feel the need to. People must be motivated to get things done to have a fulfilling life. Taking a course in psychology can help you learn about things that apply to your life and career. I learned many things while taking my psychology course. Three important things that I learned include observational learning, retaining and accessing memory, and motivation. These three things are important to me because they reflect how I live my life and how I will be in my future career. Whether it be learning from someone 's example, remembering important information, or motivating myself to do something, they all have an impact on how I live my life. Taking a psychology course can really help someone learn new things that they could apply to their own lives.

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