My Life After A Second Child

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When I found out I was expecting a second child, I thought my life was going to be twice as hard, Double the work and sleepless night and double the name calling. A mothers job never end not matter how old your kids get. A kid is a blessing from above never regret it no matter how hard your life situation is.I remember not having my menstrual cycle for the month of September, so I took a pregnancy test. It came out positive. I had made up my mind that I couldn’t keep the pregnancy. I personally had a lot in mind. I wanted a better job, travel, do things that I had planned. Things you could do with one child, but not with two. My husband wanted me to keep it, I didn’t. He was furious. I went and made an appointment to go to an abortion clinic. I paid for the procedure. My husband and I had a big argument, enough to cause an end to our relationship. Something I didn’t want. I spoke to the front desk lady at the abortion clinic, and told her I didn’t want to go through the procedure. They told me I had to speak to a counselor; she asks me all types of questions. I answered her completely honest about my final decision. As I walked out, I called my husband; I told him I didn’t go through it. He felt a lot better and we spoke to each other. He gave me comfort and courage about keeping this baby. At the end, we agree we were going through it together. Months pass by and I had an appointment for an ultrasound. It was cold outside and I was nervous. Although I wanted a girl my husband was hoping for a boy. It turns out to be a healthy baby boy. We were excited plus it was going to be something new for me because we already had a girl. Throughout my pregnancy, I felt good, zero complications, good appetite; my belly grew bigger day by da... ... middle of paper ... it. Then, I began to push and push and push. The baby came out quickly. Finally, the baby was out and they put him on my chest. He looked so Chinese looking. I fell in love all over again. He was calm and quiet, much easier than my daughter. When my mother, arrived to the hospital, she didn’t realize I had already given birth to my son. She started asking for the doctor and how far were my contractions. I remember I started to laugh and told her: “you are late.” She was surprised about how fast was the delivery. I never expected to have a second child so soon, but it was well worth it and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it will be. I don’t regret having my children’s. I love them to death and do us apart and even to our next life where ever it might takes us. They will always be my baby. Nowadays, I am the happy mother of two beautiful children that are my world.
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