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It was a traumatic experience for me as a 18 years old boy. In my home country, I had a harmonious family, a fun life with my friends and I did really well in academic. Whenever I got the report card, my classmates always stared at me with what-the-hell-he-did-on-his-exam or i-will-never-lend-him-my-note looking. Why? Because they knew that I never study. I mean, I didn’t study as much as other students. I usually didn’t listen or pay attention during class and did other stuff like texting and sleeping. I have never shown any interest on study. There is, however, a few days in the semester that I actually study—in fact I studied hard during those days. I wanted to get good grade; I didn’t want to lose to anyone in any subject. Few years later, I was 18 years old at the time. As a senior in middle school, I had only one goal—going to the best university in my country. It was important that I go to a good university or I won’t be able to get a good job when I graduated. Even though, I didn’t rank as high as I was in middle school, I was doing well enough on my exams; my counselor and teachers told me that I might be able to go to any universities of my choosing. I was very relieved and satisfied with myself; this was my life goal after all. The life of a high schooler was much harder and more completed than a middle schooler. I had to study every day to keep up with the amount of materials that were given out in class—they were much deeper and complicated. In addition to all that, I had to prepare for the college entrance exam—which would determine my future. Few months passed by since the college entrance exam, I received the results and I was shocked. My score was much lower than I expected. There much be some mistake. Then I tho... ... middle of paper ... ...he way. I also tried my best in academic and thought of it as a second chance to redeem myself after my failed attempt at the College Entrance Exam a few years back. Some of my classmates noticed how well I did in class and started to talk to me. Most of them only approached me so they can copy my homework. Still, it was difficult for me to communicate with my teachers and a few friends that I have. I didn't begin to feel comfortable in America until the end of my senior year. I used to think that I was so special that I can achieve anything I put my mind into. Moving to the U.S. made me change my view about my ability and how big the world was. There would always things that no matter how hard you try you couldn't get it. I met a number of brilliant, successful and genuine people that helped me through the most difficult time in my life and I was thankful for that.
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