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Family Experience Born in December of 1977, I was an early Christmas present to a young couple. My parents chose to adopt because they were told that they could not have children. I was adopted as an infant and my parents were able to take custody of me almost immediately after birth. I was actually the second child that my parents adopted. I have an older sister that was adopted as well. My mother always wanted a large family and she got her wish. My mother went on to give birth to two more children despite the earlier information from her doctors that stated she could not have children. Since I can remember, my parents have told me that I was an adopted child. My baby book has photographs of me in the arms of my mother and father as the legal proceedings were being finalized. I was always taught that I was not different from others because I was adopted and my mother always made sure all her children were treated equally. This taught me a valuable lesson. Her love taught me to always welcome others and give them an opportunity. She also taught me to treat others fairly regardless of their past or their circumstances. My mother lived a life devoted to her children and my father was a hardworking man that put in many hours working. My father probably spent more time being a provider and earning a living than being a “Dad”. That seemed to be left to my mother because she mostly worked part time and took care of the four kids. I learned several life lessons from this. I learned that it is my job as father to provide a living for my wife and children and not be afraid of hard work. I also learned that it is important in life to have balance and to make time for your children and spouse. Although my father was a good provid... ... middle of paper ... ... life into focus. It made me driven to be a better person so that I can set a better example for them and be a better provider for them. I have always been goal oriented my adult life but when I had children it seemed to make it all make sense. My current short term career goal is to obtain the position of Assistant Warden with my company. Obtaining this position will enable me to be a better provider for my family and help me reach my ultimate goal which is to work at the corporate headquarters of my company. I enjoy being in a management position and having the opportunity to lead others. Another career goal I have is to develop others so that they may achieve their goals. A lesson I learned from someone that I worked for is that your primary focus as a manager and a leader is to develop others so that they can better themselves and obtain better positions.

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