My Legacy In Life

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It All Started with Rollerblade Nights Almost every Saturday night my siblings and I would get so excited, because we knew we would be going rollerblading soon. This wasn’t the traditional rollerblading at a rink, but rather at our church while we were helping our parents set up for service the next morning. We would pulled into the dark church, run inside, turn on the lights, and get our skates on as quick as possible. My siblings and I with sweat running down our faces would race to see who could deliver the most stuff to the children’s rooms first. Sometimes papers would go flying through the air as we raced past one another. I remember hearing my mom say, “Slow Down! Someone is going to fall,” as she was trying to work and the smell of…show more content…
This quote has really defined the legacy that has been given to me and that I hope to continue. Character is something that can be defined many ways too many people. The characteristics of a character that holds a legacy in my life is to love and spend time with family, serve others, and work hard. This legacy was given to me not only from my parents and grandparents, but also my great grandparents. My great grandma left an excellent legacy of the importance of spending time with family near and far. When my great grandma was alive she always did her best to gather the whole family every other year for a big thanksgiving feast. After my great grandma pasted, she left a fund for the family to use when we are all together. This was her way of making sure that even when she was gone that the family still came together to create fun times and memories. My grandparents have also done a great job of passing a legacy of the importance of family. My grandparents have always made an effort to do one family trip each year together, along with spending holidays together. These family trips have really created multiple memories that I will remember forever. The importance of family didn’t stop with them though, it continued to my parents who constantly stress the importance of family…show more content…
My parents always stressed the importance for working for what I wanted and working hard towards a goal. Several times I remember complaining and being really irritated with them for not buying me a new phone or a new toy that my friend’s parents got them. I can remember arguing over paying for my cell phone bill or clothes, but now when I stop to really think about it I’m very grateful to them for raising me this way. Now as a seventeen year old paying car insurance, my phone bill, clothes, and all other extra expenses, I have learned the importance of working hard and responsibility for myself. Not only have I learned it from doing it myself, but also watching my parents the past seventeen years work hard to give my siblings and me the best life the best life they
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