My Learning Experience

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Senior year of high school was a very stressful year for me. I had practically spent the entire year scraping together money for college applications and frantically writing essays for scholarships. By the time that I finally received my acceptance letter from Texas Woman’s University, I believed that my days of stressing were well over with. What I didn’t realize was that there were so many things that I had to learn, not only education wise but also things that I needed to learn about myself. One of the first things that I was faced with was the topic of my priorities and goals. Just like any incoming college freshman, I believed that it would be the end of the world if I didn’t make friends with my roommate and create a close-knit group of friends right away. What I didn’t realize was that friends would come through engaging in things such as class activities, out of class events and study groups. By deciding that I wanted to be a nursing major, I quickly began to realize that I would have to put off spending so much time with my friends to fit in extra hours of studying into my schedule. Although, it may seem hard to pass up…show more content…
By determining what learning style I had, I was able to develop and practice certain skills that would help me in my classes. By knowing what other types of learning styles that are out there, I also learned that all professors have their own teaching styles. By observing their different types of teaching behaviors, I was able to adapt by using certain studying and note taking skills such as adding a picture to my notes or even listening to music while I studied for certain classes. Learning my type of learning style and learning to change certain techniques depending on my instructor proved to be very helpful considering that I ended the year passing each of my classes with A’s and at the very least and high
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