My Leadership Process

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I am a firm believer in the cliché that the best time to find a job is when you have a job. Considering that no job is forever, it is a wise investment that individuals take action to increase their chances to land a new job, even if it is not believed that you need one currently. There are many tips that can assist individual competitiveness when the next job transition comes. I have always engaged in managing my career, whether I am looking for a new job or not. Like organizations under an OD program, I am under continuous self-renewal. Self-renewal means building innovation and commitment to change into the organization’s values (Brown, 2011). I practice this on an individual level to keep ahead of the competition and make myself more marketable by planning ahead and keep abreast of the options available to me. Some of the measures that I take to market myself include: improving my leadership skills, maintaining a positive attitude, being open to change, and improving my interpersonal skills. Leadership skills are the greatest tool anyone can work on. I continue to develop my leadership skills by taking the initiative in special projects, being a critical thinker, being strategic in problem solving, fostering teamwork and being…show more content…
Effective leaders are equally comfortable communicating to individuals, small groups, and large gatherings, customizing their approaches for each audience (Woolfe, 2002). To improve upon my interpersonal skills, I work to continue the improvement of my style of communication. Development of my communication style has enabled me to build unity with my colleagues and productivity in my work tasks. I seek opportunities for team collaborations that require the ability to listen and synthesize a great deal of information. Because of the expansion in global economics, I have also found that in order to be a capable employee, I must have an understanding of
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