My Leadership Philosophy Of Leadership

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1. My leadership style is defined as a personal and interpersonal skill sets developed through the life experiences and professional growth during my tenure within a structured organized environment and/or organization. Leadership skills are enhanced and refined throughout your career as you develop and move upwards within the organization by life learning experiences. These experiences along with your inner strengths afford you the ability to think through and overcome the obstacles you encounter as a leader.

2. Throughout my career in law enforcement and the Coast Guard, I was fortunate to work with and serve with several outstanding leaders. These leaders afforded me the opportunities and instilled their trust and faith in me to make decisions
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My leadership philosophy was developed and established through my learning experiences in the Coast Guard and the law enforcement community. My leadership philosophy is leading by example and not merely by words, since actions speak louder than any words. In today’s work environment of doing more with less, it’s imperative that a leader is working closely with his/her team members. This shows the team you are committed to their individual growth as future leaders as well as getting their buy into the organizational goals and growth path. In my career, I have learned and experience as a leader the best results you will achieve from your team is to developed them individually through tasking with a clear defined direction and provide them support and positive feedback during and after the completion of their project. This affords them the growth opportunity to grow and develop their individual leadership skills while working on the project. This allows them to apply their individual thoughts and merge them with the direction provided to gain a sense of empowerment and buy into the project for you as their leader have entrusted them to do this. This is a key part of the process in developing and mentoring your team members on the path to becoming a future leader. I have always afforded and made them even with being multi-tasked with deadlines to work with and mentor my team members to develop their leadership’s skills since they are the future leader of the organization. My leadership philosophy has always been to teach my team members to analyze all aspects of a problem to determine the best solution and results regardless of their individual or personal views or beliefs. This enables them to make sound and responsible decisions to the solution of a problem and develop a strong strategic solution with achievable and measurable results. These leadership skills are critical and essential to the job I do and the team I lead since any decision not thought through or
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