My Leadership Philosophies: The Study Of Leadership

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You could fill books with Leadership philosophies. As Figliulo writes, “The study of leadership can be daunting. There are massive tomes written on the subject.”1 Personally, I believe that individuals form their own leadership style and philosophy through various life events, mentors and role models that helped shape you, and your values. “Personal values are often the driving force in one’s leadership style, decision making, and relationship/interaction with others.”2 When I think about my own leadership philosophy, three words come to mind: character, communication and people. These words embody my views, values and principles. They have guided how I conduct myself as a person and a leader. The first foundation of my philosophy is character. The idea of character has to do with leaders’ understanding that everything in life is not about them. Their decisions and…show more content…
These command opportunities provided him experiences, each building on the next, helping him as he went along. As part of these experiences he learned to put his ego aside and use his leadership team, take criticism and learn from each of his decisions good and bad. I asked him about the ego and criticism, and he said “that was hard at first, but it got better as he learned to listen and be open minded as there are many ways of doing things and to accept his way is a way, but not always the right way.”5 He went on to elaborate that even with multiple commands and growing from experiences from each, he still utilized fellow commanders, mentors and his unit leadership teams, in their respective locations, as resources to help him better make decisions. I then asked him how these situations turned out. He stated “through continuous communication, trust building and expectation management to come to a common understanding he was able to be successful in completing the mission and meeting his bosses’

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