My Leadership: Orientation Leader: The Importance Of Leadership

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The title, “Orientation Leader”, bestows an individual with the power to be a part of something bigger than themselves; a position that lets he or she guide many new students to a new door way for the betterment of the students educational future. Though this is a title I have had only shortly, I have been honored to be that individual to show these students that door. I was delighted when I received an email about this opportunity. Not only just because of the chance to complete my Honors Program Project, but as a chance to better myself. As I was trained in I quickly became aware of some skills I would obtain in the next couple months. However, little did I know the amount and importance of those skills/lessons would turn out to be far greater than I had initially imagined.
I have learned many
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Most of the things that I have learned of that greater importance are skills that have what it takes to literally last an entire life time. To gain and strengthen skills is an important thing to do at any age; however, I see it as of even more importance to so at such a young age as myself. Like many others, I have lacked or struggled in certain areas or skills. However, it is taking chances and building on those skill areas through taking on experiences like this one that makes all the difference. One of those skills I have expanded on is my leadership skills. During this period, becoming aware and knowing the correct way of helping/leading the students to get to the end objective became extremely important. I had to become someone that would guide others to achieve the shared goal of officially becoming a NHCC student. Being somebody that people follow and look up to for answers is a big responsibility. Also, knowing that what I do and how I respond effects the experience for them is a great responsibility. Leadership skills go far and beyond the class room. The skills in this area for me
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