My Leadership And Leadership

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Leadership is a very important and most beneficial skill that one can have. It is the position that comes with many responsibilities. A great leader is the one that influences positive changes, help make an organization strong and recognizable, coach and build an efficient team and motivate people. Some people are born leaders while others learn how to become a leader. According to me, I am still learning and trying to become a great leader. For me, the most important characteristics a leader should have is the ability to set herself/himself as an example and whom people remember for his/her good deeds. I want to be a leader who brings positive changes and make an organization move forward successfully with accomplished goals.

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As I am still learning to develop my leadership qualities, I am focused on identifying my SWOT. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. This helped me to identify the qualities that I need to work on. I have strengths that will help me to become a good leader. My strengths are my ability to build networks with people, communication skills, honesty, respectfulness, determination and the ability to motivate others along with guiding them to a successful path. My leadership assessment results indicated that I am a ‘people-mover’ on which I really agree to. I have so far motivated and helped others and this is why I probably have the ability to build networks with many people. Besides my strength, I have weakness as well. My greatest weakness is that even though I am quite popular among my group, I do not have the courage to lead or have the tendency to share my ideas. This is because, I feel my ideas will not be liked by others or it will not be effective. I also fear to talk and be the center of attraction in a large group. This is my greatest weakness that holds me back from becoming a leader. To overcome my weaknesses and make use of my strengths, I seek for opportunities that will
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