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The computer obsession began when the first computer was built in 1939. There are many uses of a computer like the proper way and the negative way. The way Annalee Newitz uses her computer is good and bad. The definition of a good teaching tool is the best way to teach a class or something that is taught. Using a good teaching tool is not always easy. There are many things about computers who make people depend or use too much to stop depending on technology. “My Laptop” by Annalee Newitz is about a young woman who talks her profound fondness for her laptop. Newitz relies heavily on her laptops capabilities because she thinks of it as her “it’s practically a brain prosthesis” (Newitz 44). Newitz 's laptop has traveled to multiple countries.…show more content…
The purpose of technology is to help make us better. The way technology is to make us learn new things like graphing calculators, emails. Computers help our education to makes us better because it builds or modifies our personal skill with vast amounts of talents or skills. Today’s teachers uses computers to help teach the class nor do they give too much attention to computers. Schools won’t probably be called schools no more because of the vast amount of computers that it will become a learning institution. The technology can be a way of communication like the “way of communicating with other classmates or teachers” (Hill). Students no longer need to carry books, notebooks, pens and pencils. The computer has online books, Microsoft Word, and other software. Without technology there would be no smart homes, smart phones, smart cars, and smart TVs. How will the students with disabilities learn if technology was not a good teaching tool if they have a hard time focusing or has hearing loss or has a learning disability and the students are very slow learners? Students with Disabilities have the need to use a computer do homework or taking notes. Some problems that teachers have are students with disabilities of various types. The students with disabilities require more attention like my older brother Derrick because he has a learning disability so he gets a lot of attention. My brother Derrick also has a hard time walking, so my brother Derrick uses a walker to help him walk and he uses technology when he is in class. The second example of students with disabilities is me because I have ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. I have a hard time focusing and sitting still and very often I forget things or I get very confused and I usually get bored very quick; therefore I get a lot of attention from

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