My Knowledge Before And After Starting The Global Leader & Supervision Coursework

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The purpose of this final reflections paper is to summarize my knowledge before and after starting the Global leader & Supervision coursework. This paper also reflects on what I plan to do in the future with the skills that I have learned and strategies to sustain the acquired knowledge in the future. Before starting the coursework, I had a practical knowledge as a team leader for the group of 20 members, but this is my first experience in learning leadership principles. During the progress of quarter, I found that theorizing process shapes individual’s perspectives on leadership. The leadership principles taught in this class have driven my beliefs about leadership as a process. These principles provided a deep reflection of my visions, values, and personal integrity. Today’s organizations are seeking graduate students with efficient leadership skills. This coursework played a major role in shaping my leadership skills to survive in today’s competitive field. During the coursework, I learned various leadership concepts and learned to analyze the relationship between these concepts with my personal experiences. I also learned to apply these concepts to deal with issues related to the daily activities. Analysis of personality traits through MBTI and Big5 Personality models allowed me to assess my strengths and weaknesses. As an aspiring business leader, I believe that personality assessments provide new insights to enhance my future business goals and priorities. The Emotional Intelligence concept improved my conflict resolution skills and taught me how to deal with stressful situations. This course also improved my written communication skills, the essential component in business communications. Now, I am able ... ... middle of paper ... ...ization as well as work. It seems to me that, my commitment and involvement brings out enthusiasm to generalizing concepts and ideas and get focused on the capabilities. Knowledge development involves effectively employing the planning, organizing, and controlling of the processes and systems in the organization. I believe that continuous learning helps individuals to meet expectations of career aspirations, performance, and professionalism. My strategies to sustain acquired leadership knowledge include, planning and engaging in learning activities and assessment of outcomes in implementing learning in the future workplace. The second step is to mutual sharing of knowledge with team members which creates new skills. Finally, practical application of theoretical concepts learned in the academic career, the combination of which helps in sustaining the knowledge.

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