My Kitchen, My Sanctuary

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Have you ever been at home and still didn’t feel safe? Well, that’s how I felt in my own home sweet home. That was of course until I found a place to rest and relax in my hectic life- my home’s very own kitchen. Shortly after we moved in, the kitchen grew in to a sanctuary for me with every memory I’ve had in it. I think the kitchen is a relaxing place, is because for me it represents a place of symbolic, spiritual cleansing. The kitchen is usually dirty, and every few days I have to clean it. When that happens, I view the event as a representation of my own inner, spiritual state. When the kitchen is out of order, my life is chaotic. When the kitchen is clean, my life has order. The reasons it’s a sanctuary is because it’s my family’s meeting place, it’s my families back up plan, and it’s our emergency entrance / exit. My kitchen is no ordinary nor extraordinary kitchen- instead is it a corner of the house that I feel safe in.

My kitchen at home is a sanctuary for me because it’s my family’s meeting place. When anyone in our house has something to announce, an important event is upcoming, or we have to discuss anything- it’s done at the kitchen table. The smell of my mom cooking something, or something she had cooked always welcomes us. One very important discussion we had was when I received my high school application. We all sat around the table and discussed what choices I should put for two hours. All that was done at the kitchen table, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences in our family. The whole time my mom had been preparing chicken noodle soup, and the smell satisfied us all- it would definitely be scrumptious. We also, had time to talk about what I wanted to do in my future- and I have never before been...

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...auses all the stress of your life to melt away. Along with the dopamine produced directly by the food, your body also makes dopamine when you have successfully created a dish. You reached a goal, and your mind rewarded you for all your hard work. Not only is the kitchen a great place to relax because it has food, but it's also a place of quite introspection. I usually go there, even when I'm not hungry, just to walk around and look out the window. I think. It's a place where I can let all my thoughts come together and I can sort things out. I love the kitchen for so many reasons but to me I feel really safe. The reasons it’s a sanctuary for me is because it’s my family’s meeting place, it’s my families back up plan, and it’s our emergency entrance / exit. Everyone has a favorite place to be, a place where new innovations begin, and for me it’s the kitchen at home.

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