My Key Values To Define Leadership?

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How do you define leadership?
I define leadership as to have the drive to nurture and make a positive difference to motivate your employees also to engage in good communication skills. Learn to contribute our knowledge, skills, creativity and talent to create an atmosphere where brilliant minds can stand united. Try to see things from the other person’s point of view and acknowledge their feelings because they are counting on you to get things done as a leader. Self-assurance and they should be held to a very high standard when making decisions. Someone who is organized, have self- confident to lead their team to be successful. I believe leaders learning to deal with different culture background at work seek first to understand, then to be
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Recognizing that diverse businesses build up value to their company’s through diversification and brand new ideas. Unlike a few decades ago some businesses would gear towards certain cultures in order to gain profits, investments and force less on satisfying the customers. However; in today society companies are now targeting a diverse culture to help them become successful. As we see clearly more companies are expanding diversity in the workforce to provide excellent customer service. Having a diverse workforce can help increase with productivity, compete more effectively by helping to educate consumers about different products, relate to the customer needs, promote new product and introduce new ideas to help increase with the companies’…show more content…
I also believe the desire to lead, charisma, honesty and integrity are all leadership styles might predispose them to be good leaders. Self-confidence, intelligence, knowledge and drive are developed that can be learned either through experience or a passion for any given situation a leader finds themselves in. I will continue to create an environment that would help contribute to my company’s standard excellent service, values, and beliefs to impact others with my leadership style and
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