My Journey To Be A College Scholar

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My journey as a student began at the time I was born. Even when I was not in school I was always learning, learning to talk when I was a baby, learning to ride my bike when I was a child, learning the ways to do things through out life. Life is one over all great learning experience. One way that learning is a huge part of our life and society is through schools. Schools are a big part of each person’s life. Without school and education many people would not be where they are today. My previous school experiences have prepared me to be a college scholar because they have taught me to manage my time wisely, to work hard, and to be dedicated. For starters, school has taught me to manage my time wisely. In high school I was very busy and had to manage my time. I was very involved in the school; I participated in honors society, DECA and student council, along with varsity sports such as volleyball, cross country, swimming, diving, track, and soccer. As you can see I was very busy just with these extracurricular activities. I took AP classes as well which require a lot of time and effort. Also I was in six different sports in all four years. Practices for each sport were at least one hour long if not longer for a minimum of five days a week. In order for me to be able to do all of these activities all four years, I had to learn to use my time wisely. Being able to get things done in a timely manner and having it be good quality can be a difficult thing. This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way. Each day I had a pretty set schedule and knew what I needed to get done. In the morning I would go to school and go to all my classes until three; then it was one practice until five and after that it was another practice until seven.... ... middle of paper ... ...s something that had to get done. In college I need to be dedicated to school in order to get good grades and to make the most of my college experience. Being dedicated to school is a tough thing. It requires a lot of time and effort along with many sacrifices. For example, if my friends wanted to hangout and I have an exam the next day, I would have to sacrifice that time to study in order to get a good grade. The qualities to becoming a college scholar entitle steps including elementary, middle, and high school. Many qualities should be acquired through these years to allow me to develop the skills needed to become a college scholar. In the end I believe that developing qualities such as dedication, hard work, and time management are very important to achieve. Through school and school experiences I believe that I have learned the skills to be a college scholar.

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