My Journey Of Becoming A Nurse

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An Undercover Love In your lifetime you find out what you can handle, and what you can’t handle. I learned that I could handle being around babies. When they cry or spit up, that 's nothing to me. I love being around babies, so I always dreamed of being a nurse. My family has nurses everywhere you turn your head I see a family member. So I said to myself, “Become who you want to be as long as you are happy.” I am departing on my journey of becoming a nurse. Ready or not here I come. When my sister was a baby she was born with several holes in her heart, so she had to have open heart surgery. That is extreme for a child, because of the pain they are feeling. No baby should feel alone during their stay at the hospital. The nurses play…show more content…
I want to be apart of saving someone 's life just like my grandmothers nurse saved her life. When my grandmother had a stroke, she had to be in the hospital for like two weeks. Her blood pressure would be going up and down and her sugar levels would not want to stay stable either. The nurse she had her name was rachel, she had the biggest smiles I had ever seen. She loved my grandmother she would come and chat with us anytime she could. She was the first person to tell me about the nursing program online where you could do your RN to BSN online. Mrs.Rachel was so funny she would have my grandmother laughing and keeping her from drifting away like she would do every now and then. My grandmother 's stroke had left her with some memory loss. Seeing her in the hospital like that was not good. My family and I were too happy when they released her. That wasn’t the last of our problems. When she checked out of the hospital, her doctor told her she needed to be in rehab for three months so that she can be able to walk again. While she was there she had a roommate who my grandmother did not like. Her roommate 's name was Angela, she would be yelling and would have her tv so loud that my grandmother couldn 't even sleep. I 'm glad that is over. The nurses in the rehab center were nice my mother knew all of them, either they were a classmate or they were her