My Job Shadowing Experience

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Restoration Development In my job shadowing experience, I have observed Shawn Hooker from AM/PM Restoration Company. His job title with the company is Project Manager. “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements” (Varajaoa & Cruz-Cunhac, 2013, p. 3342). He handles supervision and management of the restoration projects by directing all the field activities. He is the person that showed me how the restoration world revolves. I have worked at AM/PM Restoration Company for some time now, which has allowed me to become interested in this job position. I want to become a project manager because I want to develop new skills, I want to interact with people and I want to grow with this field because of the opportunities it…show more content…
Having all those responsibilities has its benefits, such as a higher salary. Shawn explained to me, that a project manager’s salary starts at sixty-eight thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars depending on experience (Hooker, 2016, personal communication). As a project manager, he has a more flexible schedule because he makes up his own schedule. Yet, Shawn might be motivated to change careers in the future to settle down and have a family of his own. Shawn explains, that he would not want to miss raising his kids even if means taking a cut in pay (Hooker, 2016, personal communication). I would be the perfect fit for this job position because I have managed to work two jobs, be a full-time student and spend time with my family. Having the right tools like time management and organization skills would allow me to have a life outside my job even if it is a 24/7 company. In conclusion, observing Shawn Hooker from AM/PM Restoration Company has taught me to continue to working for what I want. During this shadowing experience, I discovered both the challenges and recompenses of this
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