My Job Opportunity With A Digital Marketing Company

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About one year ago, I took on a challenge that would change and influence my life more than I ever would have thought. Around the time of Halloween last year, I got a job opportunity with a digital marketing company. Working for this company at such a young age 17, I did not have many responsibilities. My job was to work on small and simple projects. As a senior in high school who did not have the best grades, I was convinced that I would be graduating high school and going into trade school to become an electrician. What I did not know at the time, was that this part time job I had would change my view on life. As months went on I started to learn more and more about the field of marketing. I started to get more interesting and time consuming projects that would soon make me think about my life plan and my education. Did I really want to be an electrician? Did I want to go into a laboring trade? By then I was halfway through my senior year and it was college decision time. Should I go to trade school for one or two years? Or should I get a four year college education and learn mo...

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