My Internship Experience: My Experience In The Accounting Industry

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I have learned many things from participating in my internship. Before my junior year at college, I was shy and had insecurities about my abilities to work in the accounting industry. My internship experience can be divided into three sections. First, is the practice and experience that I have obtained which helped me towards my careers goals. Secondly, is the exposure to the basic structural organization of companies. Finally, is the opportunity to participate in solving real-world problems. My ultimate educational goal is to obtain both, an MBA and a CPA certification. To proactively develop my skills, I got an internship at a software developing company named Accusoft. The primary role of this position to support the accounting department…show more content…
More specifically, Accusoft allows interns to evaluate its financial statements and perform calculations of liquidity ratios to find the current ratio of the company. For example, I performed a liquidity ratios calculation from the years 2015 to 2016 which revelated that current ratio of the company decreased by almost 23%. This result discovered that Accusoft had a reduced ability to pay back its liabilities in the year 2016 when compared with the year 2015. Another example was a financial statements analysis in which I played a supportive role. In the analysis, I was able to determine that the cost of goods sold account decreased in 2016 by more than half the amount in 2015 which indicated an increase in gross profit in 2016. The total gross profit in 2016 was almost half million dollars. This experience allowed to learn how to determine the condition and performance of a…show more content…
During this internship, I have been able to work with various types of organizational charts, including Matrix. Matrix is a type of organizational chart that looks like a grid, where employees are organized by hierarchy and teams or projects. Some aspects of these organizational charts are that President/CEO are located at the top. Another element of the structural organization is how the company’s culture is presented to the employees. Some businesses do not seem to realize the importance of company’s culture and how much it affects new employees. Aspects such as career development are something that Accusoft’s culture encourages and support. Many of my coworkers including the other intern which whom I share my work area are examples of the efficacy of promoting career development part of the company’s culture. For instance, the other intern came into Accusoft with the idea of spending no more than a year before moving to a more specialized entity for accountants. However, the support given by Accusoft to his career has kept him happily working for the past 3 years. Also, Accusoft recognizes employees by giving the “Above and Beyond” award which consists of a 3D-printed trophy. This might seem unimportant at first, but a small 3D-printed trophy recognized employee’s efforts and encourage them to work even

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