My Internship At Unitypoint Health St. Luke 's Sioux City

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Early one bright, sunny morning I excitedly arrived to my internship at UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s in Sioux City to discover that a young girl had attempted suicide the night before. After telling her mom she wanted to die during an argument, 17 year old Sally* took a container of Benadryl out of the medicine cabinet, locked the bathroom door, and proceeded to swallow whatever pills where in the bottle. Luckily, she made it to the hospital in time to make a full physical recovery, but it was obvious that there were mental health issues that needed to be addressed. From the original report, it appeared as a simple enough case, a patient attempting suicide in the mental health field is not all that uncommon. However, an interview with the client the morning after her attempt revealed a much more complicated circumstance. We found out that Sally’s father was a well-known orthopedic surgeon in the hospital and Sally said her mom encouraged her to take the pills. After the patient said she wanted to die, her mother opened the medicine cabinet and said “take your pick.” Additionally, ...

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