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Living in a world that has so many vulnerable people, it became very important to help others. In my own experience, I witnessed my aunt who was a licensed nurse loss everything and end up in a mental institute. I encountered myself wanting to help others and that 's where I found my happiness, which lead me in to the field of social work. Social work has lead me to promote social justice and to become socially conscious centered. My life became happier, healthier, wealthier, meaningful, and more productive. My interest in social work is to become an advocate for people in need. I reached a point in my personal life that I just felt like I had no direction. So, I decided to take a break. I mean a seven year break to really figure out what…show more content…
For example, during my time working at the hospital I met a Hispanic transgender who believed in Buddhism and had Type 1 diabetes. Before I met with my patient I had to read the physical and history reports, so that I was prepared to address the needs and concerns that may come up. I had to research the beliefs and practices of Buddhism and the traditions of the Hispanic culture. I only utilized the medical history report for her Type 1 diabetes to relay the suggestions from the doctors notes. Utilizing my social work background, I recommended that the patient join a support group, which the hospital offers to anyone needing support services. The hospital human resource staff also offers updates for computer based training to educate all staff personnel with the tools to deal with diversity. I was given the opportunity to receive additional training, which paid off during my visits with patients to obtain psychosocial assessments on each one. The self- knowledge and additional education that I obtained at the hospital allowed me to become a better social worker to my

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