My Interest In Social Psychology

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My interest in human behavior and the underlying thought processes that motivate behavior began as a young child. My family moved frequently when I was growing up and as a result I attended many different schools. While this was not always an easy process, it provided me the opportunity to not only meet many different types of people, but to witness the complex interplay between unique personalities and varying social contexts that influence an individual’s behavior and thought processes. Despite my lifelong interest in psychology, I began my undergraduate career as an adult student and single parent with the intent of pursuing a degree in business administration. I felt that this path made logical sense considering my work history and background, however in my first semester I was fortunate enough to take an introduction to psychology course that rekindled my passion for the subject. My experience in this course prompted me to change my major to psychology and has allowed me to flourish both personally and academically. It has also lead me to my goal of obtaining a PhD is social psychology with which I…show more content…
Because of this, my research has been in the form of independent studies within my last two semesters of undergraduate coursework, working under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Over the course of the fall 2015 semester I completed a literature review and will extend this research by conducting a study in the spring of 2016. While my lack of research experience in a lab environment may seem problematic, I believe that my past academic success and engagement outside of the classroom provide proof of my high level of conscientiousness and desire for excellence. I am comfortable working independently, but look forward to collaborating with fellow students and faculty during my graduate
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