My Interest In Life: My Father's Life

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In life, certain people are very valuable to us. When a child is brought into this world his or her parents ' lives are changed forever, perhaps making it less theirs and more of their child’s. However, nowadays children fail to realize that before their parents got the role of mom and dad, they had lives of their own. Quite frankly, I believe that most children lack interest in their parent’s lives like their childhood, best moments in life and bucket list things that haven’t been fulfilled to this day. Finding out at first what my final research paper for my first college english class was an exciting moment, knowing it would be writing about my father’s life, a man, filled with experiences and stories to tell. My father is always hardworking…show more content…
Ghulam Hussain, born Dec 1, 1975 in a small village in Pakistan to a farmer and house wife. My first question is about his childhood, he responds tough but full of memories. He goes to say, “I had many friends, but only three stood by me through thick and thin, what you guys have today did not exist back in the day, in fact, our friendship was full of lessons and adventures”. He starts to laugh, “I remember this one time we took our first road trip”, he laughs again, “and we did it on a small motorcycle that could barely hold two people. Our parents were furious, but it didn 't matter much at this point, since, we were having the best time of our lives. Which happened to wipe out any or all fear of punishment. What might have seemed like a whole day to others felt like only a couple of hours to us, for we had traveled many towns and seen things like never…show more content…
He started to think and a couple of seconds later answered, “I regret nothing in life because after all its actions and decisions that make you who you are”. My favorite and most anticipated question was coming up. My dad’s first love, of course he chuckled, asking me “do you really need this for your assignment”? Replying dad this assignment is about your life and isn 't love a big part of life making us who we are? “My love is in front of you, your mom, as you are aware I had an arranged marriage. The first time I saw her was on the day of our wedding day, we were complete strangers knowing nothing but age and name. At this point between us there was no love, no hate just two opposite sides of the world coming together. I can 't speak for how your mother felt at this point, but I felt much stronger, I had someone I could count on, someone I could communicate with”. He looked at me and said “our love was formed through hardships and endeavors. We went from having nothing to asking for nothing more. Our lives were stitched together when I had nothing to offer, we lived in a small village, in a tiny house with three small rooms, with four other family members. Every step we took together formed a great, in fact, what I believe is a perfect marriage”. Then I asked what about us dad? Did you want to have children? Did your life change after having a son and daughter? He replied he always loved kids, and to have his own he couldn
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