My Interest For Physics, Mathematics And Computer Science

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My enthusiasm for physics, mathematics and computer science dates back to my childhood. I watched Star War and I was fascinated by laser swords and high-tech computers. I dreamed to become a scientist to invent such instruments and computers. Consequently, I usually spent long hours reading scientific books in the city library. I have read wide variety of books about atom and its structure. Actually, I had learned a lot about particles and their properties through self-study before I studied them at school. In addition, I loved mathematics and solving mathematical problems was really challenging and enjoyable for me. Subsequently, in high school, I chose physics and mathematics as my major. I studied at State Exemplary high school and I ranked 24th in the entrance exam among more than 1000 students. My math and physics teachers always admire my intelligence and attempts. I remembered I used to solve math problems in a new and different way from my teacher’s solution. Moreover, my spare time was often dedicated to reading “Daneshmand”, which means scientist, magazine. This invaluable scientific magazine for juveniles in the Persian language reflects the latest discoveries in science.…show more content…
When I began my undergraduate career, computer science, I had the opportunity to involve in the latest technologies. Also, some CS courses developed my creativity and my ability to solve problems using novel ways. For example, in the Algorithm Design course, by some limited principles, we had to solve various problems and consider its efficiency and optimality. This course helped me to improve critical thinking skills of mine. Getting accustomed to this approach for four years, enabled me to think about different and sometimes unusual but possible solutions to given problems and being fearless of facing new
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